Game Delays Won’t Hinder Microsoft Xbox Series X Launch

Things are still up in the air, but Phil Spencer says the series X won’t be held back “for any individual game.”

We just discussed Phil Spencer’s reaction to the Sony PS5 after the recent PS5 reveal talk, and now it’s time we discuss the likelihood that the Xbox Series X will be delayed amid the global crisis and its impact on the gaming industry.

So far, Microsoft has been rather quiet about any potential delay in launching the Xbox Series X, despite the fact that the gaming industry is in turmoil. With Sony saying that the PlayStation 5 is still on track for launch this year, and the Xbox Thanksgiving launch leak, it has the world wondering if the Series X will be ready to go as well. Part of launching a new console comes with having the right games ready at launch as well, and with games being delayed left and right, anything could happen. But, we have good news, and it comes directly from Phil Spencer.

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In an interview with IGN, Spencer was quite confident that Microsoft is unlikely to divert its plans and explained what’s important for the company at this point.

“I think for us, hardware and system and service software, those two things have to stay linked. I don’t want to ship a piece of hardware where the platform’s not completely there. I’ll just laugh and say maybe we’ve done that before. We’re not gonna do that again. So the system, software, and the platform have gotta be solid for us to do anything.”

Adding to this, Spencer relayed to importance of having a whole package together at launch and if there is a set back with a single game, even one as important as Halo Infinite, he doesn’t think Microsoft would delay the launch.

“I do think that if everything was there, for the software, the services, and the hardware, I don’t think I would hold it for any individual game. Obviously the one you think about is Halo, it’s iconic with the launch.”

He did go on to stress that he’s been in contact with 343 Industries and that, while the team is learning as they go in working under strange circumstances, that the development team behind Halo: Infinite is doing a “really good job.” In the end, what happens when it comes time to launch will depend on the circumstances at the time, but Spencer said that he thinks “we just have to be very transparent with people on where we are and how we’re trending.”

In other words, while things are still up in the air, Microsoft isn’t going to drop a bomb at us at the last minute. With E3 2020 canceled, the Series X team is currently thinking about how it’s going to divulge more information about the next-gen console. He claims that more information will coming between now and when E3 should have taken place and that the team will “do things” throughout the summer. He is, of course, talking about digital experiences, and that’s probably something we should get used to between now and when the Series X actually launches.

In the meantime, check out everything we know about the Xbox Series X, how it compares to the Sony PS5, and what Phil Spencer thinks about Sony’s next-gen console.


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