Forza Street Has Officially Landed on iOS and Android

You can even get a bunch of freebies if you act quickly

Forza Street is a free-to-play Forza game that basically mixes Forza-style gameplay with a NFS-like theme. It landed on Windows 10 about a year ago, and now it has finally made it to mobile devices.

If you download and jump into Forza Street between today (May 5) and June 5, you’ll get the Founder’s Pack, which includes a 2017 Ford GT, some free credits, and gold that you can use to unlock more cars. If you’re rocking a Samsung Galaxy phone, and don’t mind downloading form the Galaxy Store as opposed to Google Play, you’ll get a 2015 Mustang GT, 2015 C7 Corvette Z06, and even more credit and gold, depending on your device.

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As a little background on Forza Street, it was release don Windows 10 a while back but is actually the first Forza game designed specifically for mobile devices. As such, don’t expect Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport-style gameplay. In Forza Street, car steering is automatic (much like it is in a lot of other mobile-first racing games, while your job is to focus on braking, accelerating, and nailing that boost button. Cornering effectively – as in braking and accelerating at optimal times within the apex – will award you with extra boost.

If nothing else, it’s a free to play racing game and, while it might not allow you the benefit of steering, it does look fairly fun. We’ll be checking it out soon enough, and at the very least, it does help ease the pain while we wait for Turn 10 Studios to shoot more information about Forza Motorsport 8 our way.

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