Fortnite’s Chomp Sr. Skin is Kind of Strange, but Not As Strange as the Price

There’s already a lot of opinions about the newest skin added to Fortnite, this time apty called “Chomp Sr.” It’s supposed to look like a shark, well, at least that’s what they say. The mask is, well, basically a shark head. To get the skin itself, you’ll have to pony up 2,000 V-bucks. If you want to pay another 1,500 V-bucks, you can get “Chomp Jr.” which is basically a skin for the pickaxe, but is designed to look like a harpoon through the belly of the shark. The latter is what does the work while the harpoon acts as a handle.

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There have been mixed opinons about the latest skin, but for what it’s worth, it actually resembles an old fan favorite: Rex. That was a dino-themed skin that came as part of the Dino Guard set and included the feamle version, the Tricera Ops skin.

Back to the point at hand, purchasing both Chomp Sr and Chomp Jr will set you back 3,500 V-bucks or about $35. That’s a steep price to pay for nothing more than a cosmetic upgrade but, hey, if you’re really into being a shark, maybe it’s for you.

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