Fortnite X-Force Bundle – What You Need to Know

Introducing Cable, Psylocke, and Domino into the battle royale arena

Epic Games has finally launched the X-Force skin bundle for Fortnite, as yet the latest entry to the game’s tradition of brand tie-ins. Now that Deadpool’s classic red skin and his X-Force outfit are available, it only seems fair that we can get Cable, Psylocke, and Domino too, right? Well, your wait has finally come to an end. You can grab all three X-Froce members from the Fortnite item show right now as part of the X-Force skin buddle. But, as it is in life, nothing comes without a cost.

Fortnite X-Force Skin Bundle Trailer

X-Force Skin: Cable

The biggest of the bunch, Cable, is – arguably – the hightlight of the X-Force skin bundle. He’s portrayed with his classic white hair, combat armor, and belt bundle with more ammo pouches than you can count. He carries a P90 rifle that is, most likely, slotted away when you pick up a different weapon in the game. As you’d expect, his left robotic eye has a bright gold hue to it, and his left arm is pure steel. Backbling includes a tattered brown cape (remember when he was a time-traveling wayward warrior?) or an alternate style with his hood up. In the recent comic book and 2018 movie, where he was played by Josh Brolin, he sported a similar look.

X-Force Skin: Psylocke AKA Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock

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While we’d be on the fence to come right out and say which female character is hotter, you have to appreciate the sexy attire worn by Psylocke. She’s a mutant that sports telepathic powers and she is, of course, one of the more iconic Marvel ladies of the bunch. Her skin in Fortnite comes complete with her purple and black outfit that includes the purple sash that’s draped around her waist. He backbling is a purple katana with an X-Men logo keychain that bounces as you run.

X-Force Skin: Domino

Domino is another one of those sexy Marvel ladies, and as part of the X-Force pack she comes with the skin-tight white and blue outfit. If you’re not familiar with her, then you should be – she’s the one that always gets lucky and manages to survive Deadpool’s various antics, including the collapsing freeway. On film, she’s portrayed by Zazie Beets, but in Fortnite she takes more after the comics where’s she’s usually more Caucasian and a little less white than she is here. Backbling includes a crystal blue backpack with dual pistol holsters. Unfortuantely, her comic and on-screen luck won’t transfer into the game, so don’t be surprised if you get picked off by a sniper from across the map.

How Much Does the X-Force Bundle Cost?

The X-Force bundle will set you back 3,000 V-Bucks, which comes in at about $30.00. You can get 2,500 V-bucks + a 300 bonus for $25,00, but unless you have a couple hundred V-bucks stashed aside, you’ll have to pony up more. If you’re thinking about buying the bundle but aren’t sure, now is the time to move as there is word that Epic is planning to raise the price to 4,500 V-Bucks at a later date. You can also buy individual skins for 1,500 V-Bucks if you only want one, but if you want more than that, you might as well buy the bundle.

X-Force Gear Bundle

In addition to the X-Force skins bundle, you can also buy the X-Force gear bundle. It includes three harvesting tools and a new glider. These include Cable’s Unstoppable Force hammer with a shifting metal effect that’s pretty cool, Domino’s Probability Daggers, and Psylocke’s Purple Psi-Blade that looks a hell of a lot like a Halo energy sword. The far right image above is the new Psi-Rider glider that’s designed specifically for Psylocke but, like the rest of the gear, can be equipped for any skin.

The bundle for these gear items will set you back 2,500 V-Bucks or $25.00, but you better hurry up and snag them as the price will be climbing to 4,000 V-Bucks very soon. Individually, you can buy Psylocke’s Psi Blade and Glider for 1,200 V-Bucks while Domino’s daggers and Cable’s hammer come in at 800 V-Bucks each.

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