Fortnite Winterfest Christmas Tree Location Guide

Only a few days left – don’t forget to dance at the Christmas trees!

Fortnite’s Winterfest event is officially over with, but the good news is that you have until January 7, 2020 to complete any challenge you haven’t managed to tackle. One of the easier tasks this year is to dance at five different Christmas trees, but finding them can be a bit tedious, especially if you thought the one at Crackshot’s Cabin actually counts – it doesn’t. So, we’ve put together a simple map for you to help you find the trees before it’s too late.

As you can see, they are scattered all over the map. We found the easiest way was to start at pleasant park and work our way downward. From Pleasant Park, shoot over to Holly Hedges, then to Salty Springs. From there, high tail it over to Lazy Lake and then to Retail Row. Another nice trick was to do the challenge in Team Rumble as you get a glider and can use it to your advantage to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time.

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If you need more help completing the Winterfest challenges, check out the following guides:

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