Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Patch Notes

We have the internet; did you really think everything would stay secret for long?

As is the case with every season that came before it, Season 2 of Chapter 2 brings a whole bunch of change to Fortnite, including new gameplay, changes to the map, skins, and emotes, among other things. In Season 2, you’ll start out by choosing a side – Ghost or Shadow – and you’ll also find some new locations and limited time operations, the latter of which have some kind of bearing on how Season 2 transgresses. Here are all the patch notes for Season 2 that we have so far.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Top Secret Trailer

Fortnite Has Henchmen Waiting for You in Random Locations

Remember the fiends that came to be during one of Fortnite’s Halloween events? Well the Henchmen are a lot like them, just hanging out in random places around the map. But, don’t rest easy quite yet – these guys are armed to the teeth with heavy hardware, including miniguns, so don’t expect them to be as easy to defeat as the fiends.

New Locations in Fortnite

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The map itself hasn’t changed much, but Season 2 brings about a bunch of new locations. So far, we’ve found a massive cruise ship in the north-east corner, and there’s a huge base located in what you might know as Eye Land.

Lots of New Items

There are new items, including Decoy Grenades, Proximity Mines, Disguises, Auto Turrets, and…. a box known as Creepin’ Cardboard. This box, by the way, has a unique purpose. You’re able to jump inside it and hide or creep up on enemies, just like the Bush used to do. It’s a little Snake like, if you get our drift, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

New Limited-Time Operations Will Influence the Development of the Map

You read that last heading right. The limited-time operations in Season 2 will actually influence the map in some kind of way. The proof of this lies in the latest trailer (posted above.) There’s no official word on what these operations might be, but there’s undoubtedly going to be a narrative to them and player actions will have a lasting effect on the map.

Where Are the Damn Helicopters?

So far, we’ve yet to see helicopters and, believe me, we’ve been looking for them. They have been teased in the trailers and in official images, so we know they are coming, but when they will come remains to be seen. Our guess is anytime now, and we can’t wait.

Final Thoughts

Granted, the official patch notes have yet to be released, but we’ve also learned that you can now throw consumables and some weapons (namely the SMG, suppressed pistol, and sniper rifle) have all be tweaked. Other weapons like the damage trap, bolt-action sniper, and some rarities of the rocket launcher and SMG have been vaulted. When the official patch notes are released, we’ll be sure to update this page, so stay tuned!

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