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Fortnite Chapter 2 feels like a nice evolution of the first 10 seasons that we've played thus far. The new map in Chapter 2 is a welcomed change as are the new weapons and features. It feels like Epic did a nice job at trying to fix what was broken and provide new features without going overboard. The first round of challenges seem a little boring, tasking us with little more than exploring a map, and that does feel a little uninspired considering what we're used to. For now it seems like Epic is trying to focus more on this being a battle royale game and has cut back considerably on the grind that we've become accustomed to during the first 10 seasons. We're excited to see how things change as Chapter 2 progresses.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Review and First Impressions

It’s like a new game that we’ve seen before…. If that makes sense

The black hole has disappeared and in its place is an all new map and what Epic is calling Fortnite Chapter 2. We’ve been transported to an all-new island that’s large and beautiful. The graphics are the same but the world is downright amazing. You can swim, carry other players, and even heal others. If you’ve already started playing, then you have probably realized that the map is largely covered and you can’t see what’s there. Well, Epic decided to borrow from GTA’s playbook in this regard and the map will open up the more you explore. There are a lot of new areas, but you’ll find that there are a few of your favorite spots left over too. In case you’re wondering what the whole map looks like, here you go:

Our first tasks in Chapter 2, Season 1 go by the name “New World Challenges” and the main focus of these challenges are to uncover the map. One of the challenges is to visit all of the new named areas (those with questions marks on them) and the Fortnite landmarks. We’ve already started finding the landmarks in grey areas of the map that don’t have question marks so, for now, these are shown on the map. It’s when you find these land marks that the grey will begin to peel away from your map. And, as is the usual case, Fortnite landmarks are a little weird. So far, we’ve found a string of beech nuts on the coast, A hill that hides a large mansion, and there’s also a mountain peak that you have to find as well.  

There are a total of 10 to find that are actually attached to challenges and that means earning XP in season 1 will be quite simple as long as you like to explore.

As far as combat is concerned, you’re either going to love it or hate it. The same general combat dynamics carry over from Chapter 1, however, now, you can hide in certain places like haystacks and dumpsters. You can also heal your squad with something called the bandage bazooka and, as mentioned before, you can even carry them to safety. More important than this, you can fish, drive boats, and even swim.

As for the swimming, it was a little hard to get used to but it’s really not that bad and fishing is a fun way to spend time as well, but there’s plenty of other things to do so this is kind of an odd thing to add into the game.

The one thing that we’ve learned from “The End” and the introduction of Chapter 2 is how Fortnite will carry on in the future. We can expect Chapter 2 to feature 10 seasons as well. This world will continue to change with each season just as the last did, and you can expect things to get even weirder from this point on. So far, the game and servers seem to be holding up well, so go ahead, get out there, and do your thing.

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