Fornite Season 9 Starts 5.9.2019 – Here’s What We Know

As is the usual fashion, Epic posted a rather cryptic teaser hinting at Fortnite Season 9 and the phrase “The Future is Unknown. 5.9.2019 #FortniteSeason9.” So, we at least know that Season 9 will kick off on May 9th and that’s well within the realm of what we’ve been expecting but what we still don’t know is how the season will play out in terms of the overall theme.

Obviously, the tweet doesn’t give us any help in terms of solving the riddle as we have nothing more than “the future is unknown.” Battle Royale island is forever changed now that the volcano has erupted and the Tilted Towers are nothing more than a memory. Retail Row is gone too. The question is what will replace them in season 9 now that they are gone? Is there something good coming or will we have to get used to the island’s current state of dismay?

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Everything points to Fortnite Season 9 having something to do with the rift dimension. We could, perhaps, actually get some understanding as to what it all means or maybe we’ll learn just who is responsible for all of the random artifacts and runes scattered around the island. Of course, if things play out like usual – and they might – Fortnite Season 9 could simply raise even more questions while providing very few answers. Either way, we’ll learn for sure what happens next on Thursday, so stay tuned!

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