Fornite: Here’s Where to Go For the Film Camera, Stone Head, and Big Rig Challenge

As one of the common challenges of this season, you have to find a hidden object somewhere on the map. At first, it seems an easy job if you forget that you’re on a battlefield where no opponent will wait politely for you to search for it instead of delivering a bullet right through your skull. To avoid such a situation, we’ve put together a map and specific instructions of how to get to the secret spot straight from the start.

The “x” marks the place, as you prepare to make the jump, set your sails to the Tilted Towers, and head for the snow biome in the southwest area of the map. Following this path, you will be able to find, upon a hill the “x” or a bunch of leaves, rather, that will assure your reward.

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Fornite is a battle royale game released in 2017 by Epic Games and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game itself is separated into 2 different game styles. In Fornite: Save the world, 4 players join together to fight zombie creatures that took over the earth. In Fornite Battle Royale, which is pretty simple, 100 players join the map, gather resources, and kill each other until only one player remains alive.

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