First Prequel Comic is Available Now for Marvel’s Avengers is Out Now

There is no way we could play an avengers game without a story, a good one. To understand the story even better, there will be a collection of prequel comics that will present some of the events which took place before the events in the game. The first comic to reach our eyes is the Marvel’s Avengers: Iron Man, which is available to purchase at this very moment at the price of $3.99.

The comic’s official store page gives a slight look into the story, which will be set outside the Marvel Universe we know. The main enemy of the superhero team will be the Lethal Legion, a group of one of the most notorious and powerful villains, which together want to take control over the world and destroy the Avengers.

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Since it was announced a few years ago (2017), we found out in 2019 what the game will be a third-person action game with RPG characteristics. We can expect soon more of the comic books, which will tell the story of the other heroes. The next on the list, later next year, is Thor (January 8) and after that Hulk(February 5). With no exact dates, we have Black Widow and Captain America in March coming in the near future as well.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available starting May 15th, 2020 on PC.

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