First Look: Check Out How Gears 5 Looks On Xbox Series X

How does increased framerate, improved reflections, and increased draw distance sound to you?

Every time we see something about the Xbox Series X, we start to wonder if it’s actually going to be on par with or even better than a high-end PC. Well, the video that you see above gives us our first look at how Gears 5 looks on Xbox Series X vs. Xbox One X, and the difference is night and day. According to The Coalition, this demonstration is the result of just about two weeks of work, so it’s not even a full representation of what the game will look like when running at full Series X Spec.

In just two weeks, developers at The Coalition managed to make the game look impressively better (improved videos) and the cutscenes run steady at 60 frames per second. Add in the increased draw distance for foliage (so grass and other things in your surroundings don’t suddenly pop into view) and the additional reflection of more objects, and you’re about 25-percent into the real deal. Those that have play Gears 5 on PC have already experienced some of this thanks to current PC capabilities, but the Series X could yield even more improvements.

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The Coalition really does have big plans, too. According to them, they are hoping to get Gears 5 to run consistently at 120 frames per second on Series X – twice as fast as it does on the Xbox One. When the Xbox Series X launches, and the upgrades to Gears 5 are complete, you won’t have to repurchase the game. The updates that bring the game up to Series X spec will be provided to you for free via the Smart Delivery feature. This is the same system that will bring Halo Infinite to Series X as well.

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