Fame Will Play a Major Role in Humankind

As time passes, we find more and more about the upcoming game Humankind. Like many other strategy games, Humankind is focused on getting more and more land, a big economy, and a mighty army. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that Humankind will rely a lot on your city fame.  As the developers put it, “ this game is about the journey and not the destination.” You will need to think of different ways to make your city “greater than any other” and not necessarily as much about “how to conquer even more.“

Fame will be accumulated by almost every mark that you create in the world. You will receive fame as you discover more and more territories; you can also increase the fame by building “wanders.” We don’t know if the wanders will reward you just once or if it will be a constant gain.

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In Humankind we created a single unified victory condition called Fame,” says executive producer Jean-Maxime Moris.

“Fame is basically going to reward you for every great deed that you accomplish, every discovery that you make, every wonder you build. All these ways that you can leave your mark on history. This is really about the journey through history, not the destination.”

You can increase your fame by reaching different eras which will unlock and random times depending on your playstyle. For example, if you avoided wars and focused on the economy and market, you will receive more fame for the currency era. If you’ve focused on war and crushing enemies, after you reach a certain number of kills, you will gain fame for that era. The game itself will devolop and unfold entirely around your playstyle. You can go for all of them, but it will take a while to reach all, or you can focus on just one area of evolution on dive into the others later.

We also find more about the culture, as you evolve or improve your civilization. You will have to choose a new culture, which will integrate into your existing city, adding new bonuses, or you can stick with your first culture, which will still give you a gift but will reward you with even more fame.

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