Fallout 76’s Latest Hotfix Teaches NPC’s To Have Some Morals

fallout 76 wastelanders

When the Fallout 76 Wastelander’s Expansion launched, it came with some new (and much-needed) NPCs, but it also came with a weird bug that allowed NPCs to loot your corpse and steal whatever weapon you were using when you met your untimely demise.  This bug, as it’s being called, was discovered by players mid-event who would respawn just to find their weapon and all its ammo nowhere to be found… until they saw the NPC around the corner using their weapon.

Honestly, it feels like this was a feature built into the Wastelanders expansion to make it a little more interesting, and it really did just that. It might be troubling for some, leading folks to complain that they don’t want to use their favorite weapon in events, but it’s also a bit amusing and – to be honest – a little more lifelike for a post-apocalyptic survival scenario. Sure, it sucks to lose a legendary weapon that you spent hours grinding just to get it, but hey, this is the end of the world we’re talking about here.

Either way, Bethesda has had a bad enough run with Fallout 76, so it decided to put an end to it altogether with a new hotfix. The announcement was made by Bethesda Forums Community Manager Valseek:

“We just released a hotfix for Fallout 76 to address a rare issue where NPCs could take items from a dead player under certain circumstances. We did not need to take the game offline to do this, and the hotfix has now been applied to all worlds.”

If you’re someone who didn’t like the lifelike looting of your corpse, then you might want to hold off on rushing into your next event with your best or favorite gun just yet. Fallout 76 has gotten a lot better as of lately, but this is Bethesda we’re talking about here – hotfixes don’t always work. There’s also no word on whether or not those of you that lost your guns and ammo will get your stuff back, but we wouldn’t hold our breath.