Fallout 76 Aims for Worst Game Title Two Years in a Row

Just when you think Fallout 76 couldn't get any worse

Fallout 76 was, arguably, the worst game of 2018 and, despite some of the bad games released this year, it’s on track to take the title two years in a row. When it was launched in 2018, it was plagued with problems that included buggy and unresponsive servers, random crashes – especially when launching multiple nukes – and it even lacked many of the features that Fallout players wanted. And, let’s not forget about when the collector’s editions launched with nylon bags instead of canvas bags or the leaking of person information. You would think that Bethesda would listen to the community and make the game what it’s supposed to be; what fans wanted it to be. Instead, Bethesda has proceeded to make the game worse.

How could it honestly get worse? Well, instead of adding the features and fixes players wanted, Bethesda decided to launch that stupid subscription model that costs $100 per year. With that subscription came a model that put most of the features that players want behind a paywall. It came with promises that include “extended inventory” and “private” servers. It’s a joke, really, adding paid addons to a game that needed serious attention to begin with, but Bethesda took it seriously. Now that the subscription model has launched and people, for some reason, actually subscribed, everyone is finding out that they’ve been screwed over by Bethesda once again.

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 As it turns out, the “private servers” Bethesda promised with the subscription aren’t private at all. Players are logging in to find dead NPCs, pre-looted worlds, and their friends can even jump in without an invite. Talk about “private.” Even worse yet, Scrap boxes are deleting items from inventory. Apparently, Bethesda is working on a hotfix to solve the issues, but it seems too little too late – It’s time to kill of Fallout 76. The multiplayer version is shit, the new subscription model is shit, and the game is – you guessed it – shit.

Who could have predicted this after Bethesda proved time and time again that it doesn’t care what players want or think; they only care about your money. They dropped the price of the game a few weeks after launch (a big middle finger to those that ponied up full price) then after a year of complaining, the company puts the features we wanted behind a paywall that doesn’t even work right. Something tells me that it’s not just Fallout 76 that’s dead…..

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