Everything We Know About Grand Theft Auto VI

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be a doozy and this is everything we know so far


Grand Theft Auto V has been a huge hit and, thanks to its consistent updates, multiplayer gameplay, and unique storyline and challenges. Despite being six years old, the game is still being purchased today and has grossed more than $6 billion, more than any blockbuster movie in history. All good things must come to an end, though, but, luckily for us, that doesn’t mean that GTA V will continue to linger around without updates until we’re tired of playing it. No, that means that Rockstar will unleash a new installation of the game, and the word is that it’s been in the works for some time. Of course, it’s hard to one-up a game that turned out as good as GTA V, so this one has to be a doozy.

As of now, there isn’t even a confirmation that Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) is actually being developed, but we know better, and the rumors are aplenty. Like Grand Theft Auto V, GTA VI will have an elaborate and in-depth storyline, it’ll feature multiple characters (maybe even more than three), and an online mode greater than anything we can imagine inside the current game. Location setting is an even bigger mystery, but there’s a lot of theories on this one too. The most important aspect is that it will be, by far, the biggest GTA map to date, and that’s good news for us. With GTA VI believe to be announced in the coming year and will potentially be on the market by 2021, we’ve decided to uncover all of the rumors and shed some light on what we can expect from Grand Theft Auto 6. Here’s everything you need (or want) to know.

Vice City, London, The Continental United States are All Potential Locations for Grand Theft Auto VI

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Without a confirmation of when Grand Theft Auto VI will be released, or even that it’s in the works, there is a lot of speculation. Word has it that GTA VI could return to an entirely remastered Vice City – Miami in the real world – but that map would have to be much larger given the scale of GTA V. Another rumor says that Tokyo could be the primary setting for GTA VI, but we’ve learned that it’s not likely as the idea has since been scrapped because Tokyo’s road network was too complex and just isn’t suitable to be adapted into a GTA-style, open-world game. There’s even rumor that GTA VI could return to Los Angeles… uhm, we mean Los Santos. If this occurs, it’s possible we could see the return of Carl from GTA San Andreas, but this isn’t all that likely either. The rumor that we’re hoping is true – and it would certainly make it worth the wait – is that GTA VI will, in fact, be based in the United States. I’m not talking about just one large city like New York or Chicago, but the entire country – similar to a way that we saw in The Crew 3 which was built with much fewer resources. What it means for loading screens (please no) is obviously in the wind but leaks suggest the internal code name for GTA VI is “Project Americas,” so this is probably the most likely setting.

There Could be Multiple Playable Cities in GTA VI

Let’s think for a minute – if GTA VI is actually based in the Continental United States, then we know there will be tons of cities to explore. Whether or not Rockstar can actually integrate the entire road and city network of the United States is a huge question, and pretty unlikely, but with the use of Google Maps, it could be possible. That would make it an outrageously long game, though, and it could lead to some negative side effects that we’ll discuss a little later. With that out of the way, it’s entirely possible that the game will be based in one major city as it has been before. But, just like we were able to travel to a remote island for part of the story mode in GTA V, GTA VI could – at the very least – integrate multiple cities. Depending on how the game is configured it may not be possible to drive from one city to another without loading screens (again, please no) but travel by plane is certainly within reason. That said, there could be, at the very least, multiple cities to explore and work in. Either way, GTA VI will feature the largest map of any GTA game to date.

GTA VI Will Have Multiple Characters and Maybe Even a Woman

The truth is that having the main character of a Grand Theft Auto game be a woman is a little out of context. The kind of things that you do in a GTA game doesn’t really fit the nature of a woman. Then again, we’re all about gender equality these days, and it’s certainly not out of the question. In fact, since the map of GTA VI is going to be so large, the game will likely feature multiple characters just like GTA V. In the current game, this made it easier to play in one side of the city and then the other without taking a long journey. Well, if GTA VI is truly large – even as large as the entire United States – the not only are multiple characters a must, but we’ll probably see more of them. We could even see 5 or 6, all of which have their own unique storylines, attitudes, personalities, and lives, so to speak. Word has it that one could be a woman and, believe it or not; some are suggesting that one of the characters could even be a police officer.

Just think about the possibilities with that latest tidbit of information. Imagine playing as a police officer – a rookie a first – and climbing through the ranks as a police officer. It’s your choice whether he be dirty or clean. Does he remain a street cop, or does he become a detective that tries to hunt down other characters in the game for the hundreds, if not thousands, of murders? Maybe he becomes a  detective and takes a trip to the dirty side, helping the other main characters cover their ass. Hell, we could even have military personnel as one of the main characters. As I said, the possibilities are limitless at this point.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Could be a Stream-Only Subscription Game

I know that game streaming to any of our current consoles isn’t likely to happen but the Google Stadia is on its way, and game streaming is said to be the only way we’ll get to enjoy next-gen games. Part of this is due to the sheer size of next-gen games. Another piece of it is the ability to play your premium games from a TV, Computer, or phone with nothing more than that device and a controller that connects to Wi-fi and, ultimately, the game’s server to eliminate input lag. There’s a lot of reasons why this could or could not work, but I digress. The point is that GTA VI could end up being a stream-only game that you’ll have to subscribe to. Not because Rockstar wants it to be that way necessarily, but if the game is so large – like as in U.S. large – then the amount of storage space for a game that large or the ability to play it seamlessly without loading screens is beyond anything most (if not all) gaming PCs and all current consoles can actually muster. The game’s size on storage alone would be massive and don’t even think about how long it would take you to download from a digital store. The game on a disc? Well, that would be like buying a Metallica box set – there will be a lot of discs.

Grand Theft Auto VI Release Date

As of now, Rockstar has yet to actually confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is coming. But, as a cult classic series, you can bet there’s something better than GTA V in the works. We believe that GTA VI will launch once we have the next-gen range of consoles like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Two (if that’s what it will be called.) These systems, in theory, would be better suited for running the larger, more technologically advanced game that GTA VI has to be. We don’t expect to see the game debut at 2019 E3 Expo in June 2019, but Rockstar could, at the very least, confirm that it’s coming. It’s more likely that it’ll be launched after the next-gen consoles hit the market. It’s even possible that thanks to the resource requirements for the game – even if it’s not a stream-only game – it could be console exclusive. That would be a step away from the norm since all GTA games of the past have been available on PC, and the original was a PC game, but if it’s really that advanced it could require a high-end build to actually play on PC and it might not be worth Rockstar’s effort to port it over if few PC games can actually play it. Plus, this would strengthen the advantage for consoles in the ongoing civil war among PC and Console gamers.

Grand Theft Auto VI will likely debut in 2020 or 2021, so we still have a little while to wait. It will most certainly be playable on PlayStation 5 and the next-gen Xbox, even if it’s a stream-only game, but don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping to get some GTA VI play on your Nintendo Switch – it’s probably not going to happen.

A New Game Engine Could Mean Crazy Features We’ve Never Seen Before

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Grand Theft Auto V and other Rockstar games, like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Max Payne, for example, are all based around the RAGE engine. This engine has been in use since 2006, so it’s really starting to exceed its limits. If GTA VI is built on the same engine, Rockstar would need to improve it so that it can offer 4K capability and at least 60 FPS frame rate – features that are already available in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. This, along with improved draw distance, new shaders, and upgraded graphics. Be that as it may, the RAGE engine is, possibly, at its limit as far as capabilities. And, that’s why some are suggesting that GTA VI could be built atop a whole new engine that would provide graphics and gameplay beyond anything we’ve experienced so far. This makes sense to an extent because next-gen consoles will be built to do the same, but the real take away are the features that are, quite literally, beyond our wildest dreams. And, thanks to the console wars and the fact that the Xbox will, according to reports, be more powerful than the next-gen PlayStation, the Xbox Two could be in a place to dominate as far as gameplay and graphics quality goes. The new engine would have more features built in from the start instead of features added over the period of a decade or more, which is what we’re experiencing with the current RAGE engine. The games built atop it are great, but if Rockstar uses the same engine for GTA VI, it will likely be more of the same with a different storyline, and that’s something the game maker wants to avoid.

GTA VI Could Feature Virtual Reality in an All-New Way

VR tech, despite being around for a relatively long time, has yet to actually take off the way tech companies have really expected. The systems are still too bulky with too many dependencies, and the level of gameplay just isn’t there yet. However, with next-gen consoles and tech advances over the next couple of years, VR could finally become a mainstay in gamer households. Furthermore, GTA 6 could actually feature virtual reality and give us a gaming experience that we’ve yet to experience. Imagine being able to play GTA in virtual reality with heavy, bulky, and disorienting headsets, or having to install a ton of cameras and sensors everywhere. Where still a long way off from controlling photons and enjoying Star Trek-like interactive holographic projections but something in the middle is, in theory, possible if the technology is actually developed between now and when GTA VI is finally released. Again, it’s a long shot and probably as likely as playing the GTA VI on a Nintendo Switch, but the possibility is actually there, even is its minuscule at best.

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