Epic Games Boss Says the Sony PS5’s SSD is “Way Ahead” of High-End PCs

Sony has yet to reveal even a glimpse of the PS5 or real gameplay, but developers sure are praising it

Following the amazing display that was Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 running in real-time on the Sony PS5, we’re now hearing what Epic Games CEO (and Founder) Tim Sweeney thinks about the PlayStation 5.

Shortly after Unreal Engine 5 was revealed, Sweeney sat down for an interview with IGN where he talked no only about UE5 but what his thoughts are on the PS5. Now, while he stopped short of any type of comparison between Sony’s next-gen console on the Xbox Series X, and made it clear that he believes the PS5’s SSD is well ahead of even “the best SSD solution you can buy on PC today.”

“[The PS5] puts a vast amount of flash memory very, very close to the processor. So much that it really fundamentally changes the trade-offs that games can make and stream in. And that’s absolutely critical to this kind of demo. This is not just a whole lot of polygons and memory.”

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He also admitted that the sheer detail made available by the PlayStation 5 wouldn’t be possible without the work Sony has put into the console.

“It’s also a lot of polygons being loaded every frame as you walk around through the environment and this sort of detail you don’t see in the world would absolutely not be possible at any scale without these breakthroughs that Sony’s made.”

What more impressive is his thoughts on how the PS5 compares to today’s modern PCs and that the PS5’s SSD is much better than what you can find on PC today. Of course, that won’t last very long, but Sweeney admits that it’s “really exciting to be seeing the console market push forward the high-end PC market in this way.”

We have yet to see anything solid from Sony in terms of what the PS5 looks like, let alone any gameplay, but the Unreal Engine 5 demo has certainly given us something to be excited about. And, we won’t have long to wait to find out as Sony claims everything is running according to schedule and a recent job listing has signified a possible October launch.

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