Epic Games Announces 2 More Free Games You Don’t Want to Miss


Epic Games continues to surprise us with free games and now, not even a week after announcing Fez being free on their store until August 29nd, we’ve now learned that Celeste and Inside will be free starting next week though until September 5th. Celeste and Insider are two exceptional games that you must try, especially now that they will be free.

Celeste Launch Trailer and Review

Celeste was reviewed by Oscar Dayus from Gamespot in January 2018. He described it as tough but intriguing, offering a score of 9 out of 10. In the game you play as Madeline and join in the fight with her inner demons as you help her to reach the top of Celeste Mountain, a struggle we can all understand. It’s a dedicated story that carries away its players, surrounded by gorgeous illustrations that offer a satisfying game experience. All of this starting from a simple idea: climbing a mountain.

If that didn’t convince you, Free DLC is on the way thanks to the creator Matt Thorson. The DLC that should be released soon will bring new content that promises over 100 new levels, all part of a new chapter, and it will even introduce new mechanics. A harder level will be released at the same time, for those that really like a challenge.

Inside Launch Trailer and Review

Coming alongside with Celeste is Inside with an 8 out of 10 reviews from Alex Newhouse, calling it -back in 2016- a worthy follow-up for Limbo. Difficult puzzles will have you engaged for hours while you dive into truly understanding the game’s story.

More exciting than the puzzles, is the chance to learn more about the world – more than enough to return to Inside, even if you aren’t a fan of the increasingly difficult puzzles. We’ve heard a lot about Inside beeing Limbo’s follow up, a puzzle-platform game that was released in 2010. Limbo was recently free on the Epic Store Games. In case you missed this opportunity, we highly suggest you give it a try or, at the very least, get inside for free while you can to find out what’s so intriguing about these series of puzzle games.


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