Enjoy Four Days of Rainbow Six Siege for Free.

If you never felt enough tension, or your favorite shooters don’t bring that adrenaline rush anymore, here’s something that you might like. The popular shooter known as Rainbow Six Siege will be free to play from March 5th until March 8th.  There is no gimmick and no fine print – you will be able to try all the different modes and maps for free.

The best part is this “gift” will be available for every PC platform. You will be able to download the game from any store you like, or the one you’re already using, including

  • Uplay
  • Steam
  • Epic Games
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If, after the “trail,” you decide that the game is worth buying, which it definitely is by the way, your progress will remain after the free days expire. So if you buy the game, you won’t have to start from the begging and waste time on something you already have done.

A lot of players love the online shooter. The game focuses on 5v5 fights. The goal of each match is simple: you must eliminate all of your opponents; it doesn’t matter how. You can use hidden cameras or special abilities to lure them into a trap. You can try to share their location with your teammates and prepare a well-calculated assault. Or you can go in with a rifle and shoot everything that moves, eventually it will work, somehow.

This decision may come as an anniversary surprise, as the game recently became five years old. At the same time, Rainbow Six Siege will also get its first season, Operation Void Edge, which will start next week.

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