Enjoy A Free Weekend of The Crew 2

If you enjoy racing games, and you’re looking for something new, maybe you should give The Crew 2 a chance. Now, I don’t say that Ubisoft is the best at making racing games – in fact, they aren’t very good at it at all, but it did a decent job with The Crew 2. What’s interesting about the game is the ability to change your mode of transportation. For example, you can start driving a car, but if you feel like flying, you can easily change to an airplane and enjoy the view, which is always gorgeous. Besides flying on various resources or run freely around the city, you can try the motocross racecourses, whic are muddy and sometimes challenging.

You can choose from a large variety of cars, too. There are plenty to choose from, so you should find something you like. Maybe you’re really into formula one cars. If so, you’re coverd. Likewise, if you’re more into street cars like me, you’re also covered. There is always something about racing in a city rather than a racecourse that makes it that much more fun.

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The game also features realistic terrain, which means that water and mud will do more than improve the looks of the race. You will need to adapt your speed and choose your maneuvers and reactions wisely to avoid hitting any obstacle. You can try The Crew for free this weekend until April 13th. If you enjoy the game, you can buy it from Ubisoft’s store for 75-percent off. Sign up for The Crew 2 Free Weekend or check out the Ubisoft store to get 75-percent off the game.


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