Emphasizing Value Over Price Is Just a Nice Way To Say The PS5 Will Probably Be Expensive

Now that we know what the PS5 looks like, and have seen some gameplay, we’re itching to see how much it’s going to hurt the wallet.

We can finally lay eyes on the PlayStation 5, and we’ve even seen some gameplay, but how much is Sony’s next-gen console going to cost us? Well, it seems that Sony doesn’t even know and, if it does, it’s not ready to tell us yet.

In an interview with BBC, PlayStation CEO, Jim Ryan, was questioned about the PS5’s pricing, and he was quick to point out that “you’re not going to hear anything on price today.” He did, however, admit that Sony wants to “emphasize value as opposed to price” – something that could hint at the PlayStation 5 (and its games, for that matter) being a little more expensive than anyone is expecting. The discless “all-digital” version wasn’t made to be cheaper, either, it was made because “consumers are purchasing solely digitally these days” and the company wanted to “just offer choice” to its customers.

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“We must be more attentive than ever before to ensure that the overall value proposition in terms of the console and the games – the range of games, the quality of games, the quantity of games – makes this something that our community aspires towards.”

How Much Will The PlayStation 5 Cost?

At this point, the price of the PlayStation 5 is a complete mystery, and it’s starting to feel like it’s going to end up expensive. Sony wanting to emphasize value over price is pretty much the oldest deflection tactic in the book. Most recent leaks hint that the 2TB PlayStation 5 (a model that isn’t confirmed) would cost £599 in the U.K., which computes to $749.98 at current exchange rates. That would also put it significantly more expensive than the Xbox Series X, which is expect to launch with a starting price of $399-$499. Previous rumors suggested that the PS5 would have a similar starting point.

As of now, it seems like Microsoft and Sony are both holding off for one another. The PS5’s reveal was very late in comparison to the Series X, and it’s been said that Microsoft is going to intentionally wait to price its console so that it can undercut PlayStation and gain a little extra momentum. At this point, we could be waiting until launch day to see how much either console really costs.

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