Emperor is the Next DLC Coming to Europa Universalis 4

The next DLC coming to Europe Universalis 4 will have a lot of new features, more conflicts, but will keep its spirit. The 13th DLC, named Emperor, will bring things such as the Holy Roman Empire, the Papal state, and a lot of other Catholic nations. Don’t worry; the Holy Roman Empire will be as confusing as it was back in the days, you will have to deal with a lot of revolts and backstabbing moves. You will be able to invest your loyal men in unifying the empire once and for all.

The game will have revolutions, a lot of them, which you can stomp with a brute force or help them win. It all depends on how it will help you in your game. Some of them may come at an inappropriate time and ruin your plans, or better yet, “provoke them,” so you wouldn’t have to deal with them in the future. Like the Vatican, you will have numerous ways to “convert” more people to your belief (time for a crusade) and increase your power or territory. If you want to see an alternative world where the Pope lost control, you can ignore the religious reforms and focus on a Counter-Reformation.

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If this doesn’t fit your thirst for the next DLC, maybe the Hussite path will suit you better, playing as Bohemia. The DLC will contain up to 20 missions, which will include the majority of the European Nations. The free update will contain a “changed” map of Europe (west and central). The Expansion and the free update don’t have a release date, but they’ve promised to be available this year.

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