Echo Will Join Overwatch 2’s Battlefield on April 14

It took a while, but we finally know for sure when Echo will find here way into Overwatch. This hero is “special,” and even the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan, mentioned that there are a lot of features that must be checked before release. There are no bugs; we all now that it’s all about her ultimate ability.

With the power to copy or “duplicate” all abilities of an enemy at choice, and with a low ability cooldown, it is hard to keep her balanced and not too powerful. Now I don’t say that Echo has just one ability. One of her skills will allow you to fly freely and what can be cooler than that? You can also throw bombs as you “fall from the skies.” If heights don’t thrill you, maybe lasers are more your thing, and you’ll enjoy that too. This deadly beam will primarily affect enemies will half of their life already drained, but it can still deliver a hard punch on full hp heroes.

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It’s quite intriguing to finally get to play Echo after such a long wait. It’s be a while since her first appearance in the Overwatch series. The new mechanics involving stealing other’s abilities will prove a powerful asset in team fights, especially when you can change the course of a battle with unexpected maneuvers. You can expect the enemy Echo to use one of your team’s abilities, but which one? And when? That’s the beatury of it, I suppose. We’ll find out for sure just how well Echo fits into the game on April 14th, so get ready.


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