Echo is the Latest Hero Coming to Overwatch 2

We knew Echo was coming, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen it. Echo made it’s first appearance back in 2018 when it appeared in the McCree introduction, where after a hard-fought battle, our hero came out victorious. The video entitled “ Reunion” features McCree fighting a group of bandits to save the Echo, which at the time was only a blue robot.

It’s been a while, so many lost hope that Echo would make its appearance in the game, but it looks like the day has finally come. The hero’s story describes Echo as hope, a unique project that was meant to make and maintain peace, but something wrong happened like always. We don’t know a peacekeeper got deactivated and hunted by bandits, but future information will come, especially for an Overwatch character. It would be a shame to get a new hero without a long and emotional backstory.

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A Blizzard post had recently shown a new character, “ Dr. Mina Liao,” which was supposed to be the next character to the game. She is one of the Overwatch founders that hasn’t appeared on the screen, only in story. She is the creator of Echo, but Dr. Mina Liao has died, and Echo is supposed to carry the missions Mina Liao has started to make peace. There is no information about Echo’s abilities, but we’re expecting an ability teaser video soon, hopefully.

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