Doom Remake 4 Gives the 1993 Classic a Modern Touch

This is the way Doom was meant to be played

If you’re not aware of the mods out there for the 1993 hit, Doom, then we can’t blame you too much. After all, the game is more than 25 years old and with first-person shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and every other modern shooter on the market, it’s hard to forget where it all began. Be that as it may, you might want to dust off that old copy of Doom because there are mods out there that make the game more than beautiful and modern. I’m talking about Doom 4 Remake, and it was released last year. It basically turns old sprite-based items in 3D objects (everything in the game from guns to enemies), and it also brings all-new HD textures with physically-based rendering. In other words, surfaces react with lighting. It doesn’t look like a game made in 1993 anymore, that’s for sure.

Doom 4 Remake has all of the bells and whistles that we’re used to these days. You can even shoot enemy corpses into bits if you like and all of the weapons now have 3D models as well. Outside of this, however, the modder responsible for Doom Remake 4 – vasyan777 – has left the rest of the game intact and faithful to its original coding. There are no tweaks made to the maps and the weapons even function the same. In short, Doom 4 Remake is the epitome of graphics enhancement. Just today, vasyan777 took things to a new level by releasing a new mod titled “Doom Remake 4 Experimental Edition.” This mode adds new texture lighting scripts to the game to improve the already impressive physically based rendering. To put it simply, objects are shinier and have more responsive reflections. This mod was actually released separately from Remake 4 because it’s “quite resource hungry.”

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Seems strange that you actually need some decent hardware to play a cult classic like Doom from 1993, huh? Either way, you should definitely check out Doom Remake 4, even if you don’t want to try out Experimental Edition. It’s certainly worthy of a play through, and it’ll remind you of the good old, demon-slaying days without the downfall of old-school graphics.

Doom Remake 4 Game Play Video

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