Doom 64’s Announcement Trailer is Full of Nostalgia

22 years later and Doom 64 comes back to life in the best way

If you didn’t pay attention to the announcement about Doom Eternal’s delay into 2020, then you probably missed the news that Doom 64 was being rebooted for the PC, 22 years after it was originally launched on the Nintendo 64. Well, if you missed that, then you’ll be really happy to know that there’s now a new announce trailer for it. Of course, it’s not really an announcement trailer as the game is old as hell, but it does evoke a sense of nostalgia that only an old-school FPS like Doom 64 can.

If you don’t recall how things were way back when, Doom 64 was an N64 exclusive. While the original Doom and other variations ended up on other platforms Doom 64 was a Nintendo exclusive, as were its rather significant enhancements that included better graphics, new levels, and even a new weapon.

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Fast forward to 2019, and Doom 64 has been enhanced again to a certain extent. The visual upgrades are very apparent in the short trailer above, but it still has that old-school Doom feel. Is there really enough newness to make the game interesting in a sea of Doom mods and retro-styled shooters like Amid Evil or Ion Fury? Well, it does have an iconic name and a lot of heart-touching history attached to it, so I certainly think so. Doom 64 will be free with all preorders of Doom Eternal – past, present, and future. As for standalone pricing, well we’ll just have to wait that one out a bit.

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