Do These Leaked Fortnite Posters Hint At What’s Coming in Chapter 2 Season 3?

It looks like a flood might be coming to the island

As part of the Fortnite V12.40 update, a set of posters have shown up within the bowels of Fortnite’s files that indicate that a flood of some kind could be coming along with Chapter 2 Season 3.

The posters you see embedded in the tweet below were spotted by dataminer FortTory, and they appear to have come along with the V12.40 update. According to FortTory, the posters are labeled “S13_poster_Teasers!\”, hence the reason we’re believe they could be teasing a new event or a change to the map for the new season.

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The Posters show Meowscles wearing swimming bands on his arms (you know the ones that help little kids stay afloat?) as he stands in waist-high water. The other posters feature a house on a lifebuoy and Peely swimming above a shark. As of now, there’s no real word on what they all mean, but Fortnite is no stranger to very weird happenings or craziness, so a flood on the island certainly sounds about right. There is a flaming umbrella logo that represents the No Sweat Insurance company, adding fuel to the fire that a flood is coming.

As you probably already know, Chapter 2 Season 3 was meant to go live right about now, but it has since been delayed until June. The current season should run through all of May, so with the exception of these posters and maybe some other teasers popping up in-game, we still have a while to wait before we see what’s really happening with the new season. We’ll be sure to report any new developments so stick close for updates.

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