Diablo 4: New Stats, New Legandaries, and Better Items

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According to a recent blog post by David Kim, some major changes are coming to Diablo 4, and the are apparently influenced by the Diablo community. It looks like Blizzard actually paid attention to player feedback.

“Adding depth and customization to your character through itemization is incredibly valuable and important to the game. This has been the most-discussed topic since we revealed Diablo 4. To be clear-we believe Diablo 4 itemization should be deep and rewarding and that’s one of our highest priorities.”

Ancient Items Will Be Missing From Diablo IV

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Ancient items will be removed in Diablo 4 and, as a replacement, we will have a “Legendary consumable.” This new kind of item will let us add a Legendary affix on items with no Legendary affix. As many said, in Diablo 3 the Legendary items we’re simply an end game run for more power. Items will have more affixes available and for sure new prerequisites. As the fans would rather true marks on the game system instead of raw power. With this new idea, we’re already thinking what and how to create “the most op item in the game”. Good luck with that.

New Stats are Coming

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That’s right, there are new stats:

  • Angelic
  • Demonic
  • Ancestral Power

Certain bonuses will be available to use regardless of your item. The freedom of items and abilities will be a lot higher than in previous Diablo games, which is awesome. These stats will run perfectly with the new affix, which will boost your stats, depending on the item. As the boost applies, you will receive a longer positive effect. This is OP don’t you think? Well, the negative effects are also boosted.

Attack and Defense Item Changes

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There is nothing much to talk about, only that Blizzard wants to make them more” logical”. This means that weapons will give Atack damage, armor will give Defense, and jewelry won’t give you anything. Let’s see the guy who defeats a dragon with a pair of boots.

“The goal here is to better embrace the fantasy of each type of item”

These changes confirm that Diablo 4 will be truly awesome. Promising so much entertainment and a true challenge for the “Items’ blacksmiths”.

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