Destiny 2: What You Need to Know About Cross-Save and Steam

If you spend a lot of time leveling your characters on consoles and don’t possess the time to start it all over again, Destiny 2’s cross-save system will help you transfer your progress from any platform without any losses – including Google Stadia.

As you may already know, Bungie is ready to leave Dlizzard’s and moving on Steam. The official switch will take place when Destiny 2 Shadowkeep launches on October 1st, so you need to complete the transfer process before then.

To be able to transfer your saves you have to log in to The next step is to choose the account that you would much prefer to use across platforms, keeping in mind you can use only one. In case you change your mind, you could always change it, but only after you waited for 90-day since the last transfer.

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Keep in mind that you won’t be able to play across platforms just yet. Bungie presented it as a future idea that won’t be available for the Shadowkeep expansion on October 1st. As a console player, you only have to link the account that you choose, input your information, and you’re ready to go. On every account, you will be able to see the power level and the Silver balance-only if you purchased it.

Keep in mind, however, that if you’ve purchased any expansions or annual passes, you’ll have to repurchase them to access them on console and PC. Visit Bungie’s Cross Save page now to initiate the process.

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