Destiny 2: Mars Community Challenge – What To Do

The new “Community Challenge ” event, announced by Bungie, is about to have the entire player base working together to achieve a set of goals. The war against the Hive continues, only this time you’ll will be fighting on Mars alongside the Guardians.

The Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge starts on September 3rd at 10AM PDT, 1PM EDT, 6PM BST, and 3AM AEST, the latter of which is actually September 4th.

Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge Goals

  1. Use 300 thousand Override Frequencies
  2. Defeat Xol 100 thousand times
  3. Defeat 300 million Hive on Mars
  4. Mars Nightfalls
  5. Defeat 175 thousand Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses
  6. Defeat Nokris 150 thousand times

Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge Reward

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After all the objectives are completed, you will receive a unique emblem that marks you as a Guardian that “rose to the Mars challenge.” However, to receive the emblem, you must complete at least one NightFall during the event. Additional rewards will be unlocked by Emperor Calus. As soon as you will complete all the challenges, you’re granted two rewards when deciding to slot your runes and as soon as you open a chest. Alongside the rewards mentioned, every player that completed the challenge will be rewarded every Friday for the rest of this season.

It seems like Bungie is warming up the community for Shadowkeep, where the battlefield will be set on the moon, with the same objective, to destroy the Hive once and for all.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Gamescom Trailer


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