Destiny 2 Ascendant – How to Complete Week 4’s Challenge

A new week, a new challenge in Destiny 2. This week the challenge is exactly that, a challenge and to start off, you’ll need a tincture of Queensfoil. This can be found while playing in Dreaming City or you can purchse it but, either way, you need to consume it before you head to the challenge portal the kicks off this week’s challenge.

The current challenge portal can be found in Rheasilvia. Head to the North corner, and go inside the big building. Keep going forward until you have to make a right turn. Continue on until you can make a left in the next area – here you’ll arrive at Harbinger’s Seclude. Climb a set of stairs and head forward to the next zone. Go until you’re able to see a statue on the right side. Reach the top side using the statue or the blights to finally arrive at the portal.

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Finding the portal should be a challenge itself, but after you enter, you will be transported to”Kepp of Honed Edges”. After a series of jump across some rocks, you will find 3 knights that are immune to damage. Clear out the zone to deactivate the barrier that guards the sword. Of course, such an artifact won’t be that easy to get, after you take the sword, you will get surrounded by a handful of enemies and one of the knights will start attacking you. He’s no longer immortal, however, and after you kill him, the other two will start attacking.

As soon as you clear the zone yet again, you will have to make your way across piles of rocks, covered with enemies. Where’s the fun when nothing is trying to kill you, right? Reach every platform which holds a big blue object to complete the challenge.The only significant reward will be the bounty got from Petra, which will grant you some powerful gear.

Destiny 2, the sequel of Destiny, started it’s existence on September 6, 2017, for PS4 and Xbox One and October 24, 2017, for PC on platform

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