Deep Rock Galactic Is Now in Early Access

When we first hear dwarfs, we think about gold, mining, and caves. What if the dwarfs have guns, flame throwers, and miniguns? That’s more like it.

Deep Rock Galactic transformed the classic dwarfs into some badasses from space that kept mining along the way, but now they have to face more dangerous situations, with more enemies.

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The game is a first-person shooter, where you will Allie with other players and defeat an AI opponent. For a game that takes place underground, the environments look gorgeous, and the enemies are well designed. With a cartoonish look,  it still manages to capture our attention with light and unique environments.

You can personalize your characters, achieve more power, or just running your favorite weapon: drill, fight, and dink with your friends.

You can customize your character’s looks and create your perfect version of a dwarf with a large variety of:

  • HeadWear
  • Eyebrows
  • Armor
  • Mustache
  • Sideburns
  • Beard

The game brings joy to just exploring the world. You can always find more and more collectibles, but it will take a while to understand what you can use them for. The fights are challenging, but not impossible. These are a large variety of weapons to try out.

The game is still on Early Acces, so until it will be officially released at a later date and could change significantly from its current state.

Deep Rock Galactic is avialable at the price of $13.99 on steam.

Deep Rock Galactic Screenshots

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