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Death Stranding is a very interesting take on the post-apocalyptic, science fiction genre in which situation-specific real life struggles blend in perfectly with an unrealistic storyline. The need to worry about inventory and cargo layout, balance, and where you step is priority if you want to survive. Enemies you kill can come back as monsters and the storyline features so many twists in the first hour of gameplay that the entire storyline is bound to be an entertaining one if nothing else. The graphics and cinematics are on point, but how well the game ages is something we'll have to revisit at a later date.

Death Stranding Review and First Impressions

Death Stranding is out, and it couldn’t be more perfect than this. This third-person game will put you in crazy situations and even piss you off at one moment or another.

Need help getting started? Check out our guide on inventory management tips, our guide on self protection, or our guide on how to get that motorbike back quickly.

The Death Stranding World

Death Stranding screenshot of main player walking along a creek

Let’s start with the surroundings. Even though we saw parts of the world in official events, we weren’t really ready for this. To put it simply, the game looks amazing, the landscape will capture your attention with the finest detail, and the cutscenes are nothing short of moive quality.

The game is just amazing. There is not a single way to guess what’s gonna happen next, some situations will make you think that a fight is about to go down, is just tension. When we’re safe, something wrong happens. It is unpredictable and we played only the beginning.

The environment is also new and can trick us to speed up when we should move even slower. The chance of dropping the cargo is high, so we learned quickly that it’s better to take your time.

Our Initial Gameplay Experience

As the game begins, we’re on a cool motorbike. Accompanied by a lot of crows for some reason and a masive killing storm. There is a creature after us, but we can only see its feet stepping on the ground. A strange character then appears and forces us to crash our bike. This is the last you see of that cool bike for a while, but we do have a brief guide that explains how to get it back as soon as possible.

The first objective will be to get shelter from the rain and recollect our lost cargo. Since it’s raining, and I had the luck to find some strange terrain, I must admit that I kissed the ground a few times. It got better as I found shelter and escaped the rain.

When we enter the cave we’ll start another cinematic, which I recommend watching. Remember “ that thing” following you? There are two more, and they’re with us. The woman that caused the crash comes and helps us keep it down. We can’t see the creatures, only their marks on the ground. These creatures age everything they touch, like the grass, for example, so it’s good thing we knew to stay put and for some reason, they haven’t seen us. The women’s name is Fragile and alongside her, we watch how the storm is fading and the sun start shining again.

Death Stranding screenshot of main character walking on rough terrain with cargo

After the “scary” meeting we find out that we have a “special ability” or a “disease” which has different ranks. Sam, level 2- he can only sense these creatures. On the other hand, Fragile is level 5 so she can see them. This ability also makes the person drop tears when one or more creatures are nearby.
After eating a “ cryptobiotic”, like she was in a commercial with the logo “ A cryptobiotic a day keeps the timefall away” we start a conversation about our jobs.

We head into the nearest town to end our delivery, and for some reason, even if the world is full of dangerous creatures and humanity seems extinct, you can’t be late. I must admit, reaching the town and getting into the offload zone, it was truly painful as I almost dropped the cargo at every fast turn. After we complete a list of where we deliver and for who we deliver to, we’re a “legend” into this delivery business. I can’t help but wonder why our boss has a handcuff on her hands? We get paid in likes, or this is what we get for our first mission.

This is definitely a good company since we immediately get another delivery. We find out that corpses must be incinerated to avoid another creature’s “spawning,” and that there is only route to an incinerator. For some reason, a rainbow is a bad thing and we’re forced to “cut” in a BTs land. And the engine stops….great. To be honest I didn’t see that coming.

We find ourselves in the same cargo with a body that is starting to change and different creatures start attacking us. The first victim is the driver, as he’s attacked first. We black-out and we wake up in the middle of the rain. All 3 of us survive but we’ve got visitors. We still don’t get to see how these creatures look but we see how the rain starts aging the driver.

The bad luck doesn’t end here as the corpse is transformed into one of these walking monsters. We cover our breath but the driver is in too much pain and he gets to him. A strange, corpse figure appears behind the other guy who’s preparing to shoot the driver, perhaps to end his suffering. We get to see how our last man is talking by them and fails to kill himself and the last option was to stab himself multiple times. We get the baby and get out of there.

After what seems like an explosion, we wake up naked alongside the baby, which is out of his container. Just when I taught the game couldn’t become more freaky, the baby turns into a baby BT and a woman dressed in red starts singing and going into the water. What better option do we have than following her? We get drug underwater and we see a lot of corpses floating into the water and something traveling above. We have a baby inside us, I don’t know how that’s possible, but we’re awake and everything was a dream. The baby is gone, the crew died, but we’re fine.

Death Stranding screenshot of main player in front of a waterfall

We get to see how this world become like this. We again wake up, handcuffed by the bed and we are greeted by Deadman, which is what it seems like a doctor. We find out that these are not handcuffs but devices who keep them connected.

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