Cyberpunk Aventure Beyond a Steel Sky Delayed Until late 2020

One of the most awaited pint and click sequel will be coming next year. Beyond a Steel Sky should have been released in late 2019, but the developers said it would take a “some months” to patch everything together.

As a reminded, we’re playing as Robert Foster, who returns to Union City, a place that he escaped in the previous game. The game features a lot of “hacking puzzles”, and you’re able to change the way some electronics works as you wish, most of the time to turn the odds in your favor.

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A big reason why the game has been delayed, is the developer’s aim to make improvements. One of the features they’re working on is Virtual Theatre. This Virtual Threatre will remodel some of characters’ schedule and some of them would be found in a specific place at exact hours. Let’s hope that the extra months that the developers required, and the improvements made, will be worth the wait.

“The extra time is being used to ensure that we realize our vision.” “Integrating conceptual innovations like Virtual Theatre and system hacking into adventure gameplay; innovating with graphics technology in ToonToy; and working closely with Dave Gibbons to create a beautiful visual style”

In case you’re wondering, ToonToy is what gives the game the comic book graphics style.

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