Criterion Takes Back the Wheel on the Need For Speed Franchise

It’s been seven years since Criterion stopped working on the NFS series, and frankly, it is pretty clear that their absence affected the game. The “thing” that attracted us to the NFS series was lost along those years and the game became a little too basic.

Ghost Games is the studio that’s been responsible for all Need for Speed games from 2013 until now, and they did a good job I’ll give them that. Especially when we talk about the latest entry, Need For Speed Heat, but there is something still missing. At least we haven’t got any performance issues, like a lot of games have experienced over the past few years.

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Criterion focused their work on the hit game “Hot Pursuit” and the Most Wanted reboot. You know that these guys know how to make racing games – just look at the Burnout series. Besides cars, they also work on Battlefield and the Starwars Battlefront, so there’s a lot of things going on. EA says:

“With a strong history and passion for racing games and vision for what we can create, the Criterion team is going to take Need for Speed into the next-generation.”

As soon as the staff will get back to work, we’ll be expecting some information and a brief idea of what the next Need for Speed game will have to offer.

Stefan Mariut
Stefan Mariut
Stefan joined the Addicted to Play team in March of 2019 and is a senior editor that oversee's the news department. In his free time, he is an avid gamer that doesn't discriminate. While it may be true that he prefers games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, you can occasionally catch him playing games like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed. BTW, ladies, he is single if you're interested.


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