Control’s Free March Update Will Bring New Features and Improvements

I will be honest here, Control is a great game, but it could use some improvements. You know what I am talking about – mainly the map and also the skill points.

Let’s talk about the map, the wonderful map that took 2nd place in solo competition. It would be nice if the free update would bring a new map, but for now, we’re looking at enhanced readability. The Foudation Expansion, however, will hopefully improve it or even better, bring a better one, that we can enjoy. Players need to explore the surroundings, that’s true, but if I have to get to a specific point, I should be able to, right?

The skill points will also be improved. Now we will be able to change the, especially if we want to try something new or we pick one by mistake. There are a lot of reasons for this ability to be available, so I am glad the new expansion will fix it. The main interest of all the players is to find out what happened to Helen Marshall, who didn’t come back from the “check” she had to do – this is part of the expansion, though, the trailer that you can see below.

A teaser video has presented some of the features of the free update coming soon enough. There will be even more smashing people on the walls, smashing walls into people, and some improvements to the “life” in the game.

The expansion will be available starting March 26th and will be available on Epic Games Store and PlayStation Store. Xbox Players will have to wait until June. The free update will come to all platforms at the same time.

Stefan Mariut
Stefan Mariut
Stefan joined the Addicted to Play team in March of 2019 and is a senior editor that oversee's the news department. In his free time, he is an avid gamer that doesn't discriminate. While it may be true that he prefers games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, you can occasionally catch him playing games like Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed. BTW, ladies, he is single if you're interested.


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