Control’s First Expansion, The Foundation, Launches This Month

The first expansion for control, also known as The Foundation, will be the first expansion that Control developers will offer to the community. It seems like they want to fulfill last year’s promises made in September about releasing two expansions in 2020. As much as we’d like to rely on simple statements, we’ve heard nothing from the comapny since. And, since nobody said anything about these expansions, Control was close to joining other games left to fizzle out and die.

If you think the teaser will reveal at least something about what the expansion is all about, you’re wrong. In an official post from Control on Twitter, all we get are 21 seconds of a conversation, and that’s it. But it does look like we’ll finally learn what happened to Marshall, so there’s that.

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If you don’t know who the Marshall is, we don’t blame you. She appeared in a few cutscenes as the operations manager of the Federal Bureau of Contrl, then disappeared to check on something and hasn’t returned. The teaser doesn’t show anything about her, but the action seems to be focused on the “place she checked.” The place is about to “explode” a second time, so here’s a spoiler on how the expansion will end, or the plot itself.

Control is one of the most successful shooters of 2019. The game involves action, love, and a lot of “dramatic scenes” that made some of us drop a tear. The danger of an alien invasion is the perfect fit for a game like this. They did a great job with the game itself. Hopefully, the expansion will be as well-received as the game.

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