Check out the Latest Screenshots for Final Fantasy 7 Remake (New Summons, Quest Types)

We can actually spot a few things in the screens… can you?

Square Enix has put out a whole bunch new screen shots and a handful of character renders for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake that’s set to launch in April. In the latest release we get to see a handful of new summons, a quick look at some of the quests, and more shots of Tifa in combat. You won’t be able to spot the new summons very easy in the main screenshots, but you can see them clearly in the new character renders that were also released. Check out the new shots in the dedicated Final Fantasy 7 Remake Galleries Below

Final Fantasy 7 Summons Gallery (2/13/2020)

Final Fantasy 7 New Screen Shots (2/13/2020)

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Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin is an avid gamer and prefers to spend his time playing first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Halo. His all-time favorite game is Modern Warfare 2, but Assassin’s creed 3 comes in a close second, and he’s a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series. He is a co-founder of and spends as much time coding as he does shooting people online. Jerry prefers playing on his PC, but also owns an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as he takes pride in being a non-discriminate gamer.


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