BioWare’s Anthem VIP Demo Weekend Didn’t Go Well, and There’s a Huge List of Fixes Coming for the Full Game

Anthem’s VIP demo kicked off last Friday and lasted through the weekend, but many found it too troublesome to even play. Some players couldn’t get in, and those that did, experienced all kinds of issues ranging from lack of overall performance to crashing. BioWare, naturally, sprung into action to address concerns for those on PCs but, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be good enough, as there were also server capacity issues at hand. Fortunately, this was only a VIP demo, and there’s still a public demo on the way. That will give some players a better chance to get in and slaughter some grabbits, but don’t expect it to be a problem-free experience either. Accord to Chad Robertson, BioWare’s Head of Live Service, Claims there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done after an “eventful” weekend. In a summary of the weekend, he said that severs were stabilized on Saturday afternoon and his team managed to maintain that stability through the rest of the VIP demo period. The servers turned off Sunday evening as the Live Service team walked away with a long...

Metro Exodus Developer Claims the Next Metro Won’t Come to PC After Bad Reviews; Metro Publishers Quickly Put Him in His Place

After it was announced that Metro Exodus would be released through the Epic Games Store as opposed to Steam, PC gamers all over the world went on digital strike. It took just minutes for bad reviews to start showing up on steam as everyone tried to protest the change in release platform. Boycotting of the game has been in full effect since, with Steam taking hundreds of bad reviews for Metro Exodus. Not long after that, a 4A Games developer that goes by the handle “scynet” on gameru forums posted a rant in Russian that included, among other things, a claim that if PC gamers boycott the game the next in the series certainly won’t make it to the PC. “But! Consider the situation deeper. Someone says that they say they crap Exodus and the previous games in the series, it will make the world better, they will put greedy developers in their place. To this, I can answer that in a pinch, if at all all the PC players announce a boycott of the Metro, then the next metro, if it does, is definitely not on...

A New Mod for Resident Evil 2 Gets Rid of Mr. X Completely

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is nothing short of dreams come true as we get to relive one of the greatest gaming stories of times past. The remake, however, features a new character known as Mr. X and opinions about him have been mixed at best. Some love the fact that he’s there as, after all, he’s scary as hell and this is a horror game. Others, however, say that he destroys the pace of the game altogether. It only took a few days before mods for Resident Evil 2 started coming out with two of the best being the DMX “X gonna give it to you” overlay and the mod that turned Mr. X into Thomas the Tank Engine. Fun mods aside, if he actually ruins the gameplay for you, there’s now a mod that can completely remove him from the game – like he never existed in the first place. The mod was created by MaVeRick, and it’s known simply as “X No More.” The coolest part about this mode is that it doesn’t break down scripted events that happen through the storyline. In...
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