Campaign Play Comes Back to Call of Duty, and it Could be Another Modern Warfare

Long overdue or better left undone?

If you’re like a lot of people and are just tired of futuristic shooters, then the 2019 Call of Duty release could be the bandage that finally heals your wound. The news broke during an earnings call with investors – the same one that announced the firing of 800 employees – and it was said that Call of Duty could continue with its usual three-year development cycle. That means that Infinity Ward is taking the reigns on this year’s release and it’s been said that the new game will be “rooted” in franchise history.

That says a lot but, at the same time, Infinity Ward hasn’t exactly wowed the world with the last few CoD games. How do you climb out of that hole? Well, you bring back a fan favorite – Modern Warfare. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a reboot of Modern Warfare II, despite the fact that many of us would love to see it, but it could end up being just as good if not better. Now, all of these does coincide with rumors and teases from the past year or so and, in early February, ex-CoD community manager essentially confirmed that the next Call of Duty would be another modern shooter:

Call of Duty Campaign Play Returns

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To make things even better, campaign play is coming back to the CoD series as well. I know; we have all spent countless hours slaying one another in online play, and that’s what makes CoD so amazing anyway, but the campaign has always been a favorite too. And, since Treyarch decided to kill off the campaign altogether in Black Ops 4, it kind of rubs off as good news – something we probably wouldn’t have cared much about (nor qualified it news) just a few years ago. Activision says that the campaign will be “entirely new” so that’s the main reason why we doubt it’ll be a MW2 remake, despite the fact that rumors and theories swear the 2019 COD release will be exactly that.

Even if you’re one of those that isn’t stoked for the return of campaign play, Activision has also promised that the other gameplay modes will be pretty awesome as well. There is said to be a “huge and expansive” multiplayer world and “fun co-op gameplay.” We’re not sure what this means specifically, but it’s quite possible that Infinity Ward may go even larger than ever before, bringing larger groups of players together in a battle royale that goes beyond the 18-Player Ground War mode that we also didn’t get in Black Ops 4.

2019 Call of Duty Might Not Have a Zombies Mode

It’s not all good news, though. If some reports are to be believed, this news of “co-op” gameplay could indicate that there won’t be a new zombie-based survival mode. Infinity Ward could instead focus on MW2’s Spec-Ops co-op mode instead. That would be quite the shame if you ask us, as killing zombies is always fun, and it could be the reason why Activision is planning on the 2019 game falling short sales-wise in comparison to Black Ops 4.

2019 Call of Duty Release Date

The official reveal of this year’s Call of Duty Game should take place in April or May with the official release happening sometime in October or November. That means there’s still a lot of things that could change, so take everything –outside of Infinity Ward’s involvement and campaign play —  with a grain of salt.

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