Call of Duty’s Battle Royale Comes With a Twist

A new report says that Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale Mode, aka Warzone, launches in March 2020

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You’ve seen the leaks and heard the rumors about Modern Warfare’s upcoming battle royale mode. The most recent “leak,” as it would be called, actually came courtesy of a glitch that threw some players into the new map.

Now, a new report that cites anonymous sources with the U.S. development team claims that the new game mode is “at least a few weeks away” and will probably launch sometime in early March. Based on CoD’s typical launch schedule that favors Tuesday, March 10th could be the official launch day for Modern Warfare Warzone.

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The new mode will be available to all Modern Warfare players, and will be found in the main menu where the “CLASSIFIED” option current resides. However, reports are now indicating that it will also launch as its own standalone game, akin to that of Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG. How much of the game will be available at this point is a mystery. The mode itself could be 100-percent playable, but it’s said that players of the free version will be able to upgrade to the full version, so that could mean the full version of Modern Warfare or something else entirely.

Warzone will have a unified progression with the existing battle pass as well, so any cosmetics that you currently own will carry over to the new mode. We’ll learn more later this week as Infinity Ward is aid to be launching a new campaign and has even invited North American content creators to play and capture footage of the mode ahead of its official announcement.  

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