Call of Duty:Modern Warfare season 1 is live

It’s here and it’s big! It’s the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 1. With this update, we start the first season! Long story short, season 1 will mark the beginning of the new battle pass. Rewards are on their way, so make sure you stick to the tasks.

Gunfight mode will be available for The Atrium and Cargo maps. Ground War will bring you to the lands of Port. Also, everyone’s favorite is back: Crash. It’s back and has some new features which will make the map feel more alive. During the season we’ll have the opportunity to play on Vacant and Shipment too.

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  • Reinforce Tree flags, one life.
  • Infected: Fight the enemy team, which is growing in numbers as time passes.
  • Gunfight OSP:  Drop in the middle of the battle with no equipment.

As the season goes on, Infinity ward promises to deliver more game-modes.

Added this update:

  • Just Reward: Special Operation
  • Strongbox: Special Operation

Regular Operations: You’ll have to eliminate a terrorist financier

Classic Ops:  Steal information, secure an airbase and put a bullet in Barkov’s head.

Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle pass

For the free battle pass, well, there is something but it can get better. There are some free rewards that any player can claim once they have reached that point.

Free Battle Pass Items

  • RAM-7 assault rifle
  • Hogler-26 light machine gun

The complete battle pass gets you ahead with 20 tiers. As for the other 80, you’ll have to deal with getting through those yourself. And the big reward is “ Mara”, the newest Operator.

Modern Warfare Season 1 Gallery

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