Call of Duty: Warzone’s Narrative and Map Will Evolve Like Fortnite’s Has

Don’t worry – it won’t be anywhere near as drastic as the love-it-or-hate-it battle royale from the other side of the tracks

When it comes to Fortnite, it’s pretty clear that you either love it or hate it; there’s no in between. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, we can all agree that Fortnite has managed to keep players continuously engaged with new events and an ever-evolving storyline. Now, it looks like Call of Duty: Warzone, which has grown to at least 50 million players in a very short time, is going to use a play out of the same playbook – at least to an extent, anyway.

First off, let me just clear the air and say that you can rest assured that Warzone isn’t going to become too much like Fortnite. There won’t be crazy building antics, weird Marvel hero tie-ins, or a black hole that sudden swallows up the map. However, Warzone’s narrative will continue by the tie-in of story elements from Modern Warfare, future DLCs and, perhaps, even future Call of Duty games.

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This is already happening, and you probably noticed it if you played through the campaign. When Season 3 started, Alex came back with a prosthetic leg. If you’ve played through the campaign, you probably assumed he was dead given his sacrifice in the campaign. Yet; here we are with Alex back in the fold again. So, what can we expect from Warzone in the future? Well, more narrative, for one. In an interview with Venture Beat, Narrative Director, Taylor Kurosaki, spoke on this directly, and even touched base on how Warzone’s map could change in the future.

“We’ve talked a lot in the past about whether games like Fortnite have a narrative. I would say yes, absolutely. I’d say Warzone does as well. But for me, it’s in a genre and a tone that I greatly prefer.”

But, what about the map? Will there be new maps in the future? Will the map change with the narrative, much like Fortnite’s map has changed with each new season? Well, that kind of thing is actually in development right now, but when we’ll see it happen remains a mystery. When speaking of how Warzone’s map could evolve, Kurosaki said,

“That’s exactly the kind of thing that we’re working on, that we have planned. Again, it’s all going to fit into this macro that we’ve established in Modern Warfare, and that we’ve continued into Warzone. If you know who the players are in Modern Warfare, it’ll all make sense, and it’ll all feel appropriate to the universe.”

The important thing here is to have balance, and that’s part of what makes things so difficult. The narrative has to make sense to people that follow the Modern Warfare story and people who haven’t played. Otherwise, the confusion could have a negative effect on the game. So, with this in mind, Verdansk could soon change, grow, or evolve in ways that you don’t expect, so keep your eye out for secrets as they could – much like they do in Fortnite and Apex Legends – hint at what the future of Warzone holds in store for us.

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