Breaking: Xbox All Access and Multiple Launch Consoles on the Table

Could this mean the rumors about Project Lockhart are legitimate?

In the same IGN feature where Phil Spencer discussed how Xbox could win the next generation console war, he also shed some light on what Microsoft has planned for the Xbox Series X at launch and beyond. In the video that you see above, Spencer discussed how Microsoft was going to “go big” with Xbox All Access for the launch of the box Series X when it launches later this year.  This means that obtaining the new Xbox Series X could be a simple as joining Xbox All Access and paying your monthly dues.

However, there was something that is, seemingly, a little more important, and that is his wording. He said that Microsoft will “go big with [Xbox All access] at the launch of the consoles.So, that raises the question of whether or not Spencer misspoke. Microsoft has suggested in the past that it planned to launch more than just one next-gen console this year – similar to the way we current have the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, etc.

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 This also feeds into the word that Microsoft is working a lower-cost Xbox that goes by the name Project Lockhart. Since the “Series X” name is that of the next-gen Xbox, there’s plenty of room for Microsoft to release more next-gen consoles. Think along the lines of an Xbox Series X S, for example, or a low-cost model similar to the discless Xbox One that you can buy today.

What is Xbox All Access?

With word that Microsoft is doubling down on the All Access subscription model for the launch of the Xbox Series X, we know that getting your hands on a Series X could be much more affordable in the short term. The current program will let you get an Xbox Series X for $24 per month, am Xbox One S for $23 per month, or an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for just $20 per month. You pay off the console over 24 months, at which point you own it. There’s no telling what the Xbox Series X will cost if added to All Access, but assuming it will start around $399 or $499, you can expect to pay somewhere in the area of $45 or so per month of the Series X at launch. It might be more expensive in the long run, but it sure is easier then shelling out the full price up front.

However, it’s also important to note that Spencer has elaborated time and time again that the price point of the Xbox Series X is critical. The original Xbox One lost the last-gen console war at the start because it was $100 more expensive than the PS4. Microsoft has learned from this mistake and won’t repeat it this time around.

Until we hear more about the Xbox Series X, be sure to check out our other recent coverage:

Robert Moore
Robert Moore
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