Boundary Developer is Impressed With Next-Gen Capabilities But Still Unsure If a Port to PS5 or Xbox Series X

Next-gen Consoles are Impressive, but porting Boundary over to them depends on the game’s success

In a recent interview with WCCF Tech, Surgical Scalpels CEO and Co-Founder, Frank Mingbo Li discussed the studio’s upcoming tactical FPS, Boundary, and discussed his thoughts on next-gen consoles. As of now, he has confirmed that Boundary is still coming to current-gen systems and that the studio has looked into next-gen systems. Unfortunately, Boundary is still being developed for Xbox One and PS4 first, with potential ports to next-gen systems coming down the road.

When asked specifically if Boundary would be coming to next-gen systems, his response wasn’t exactly positive, but didn’t rule it out altogether, with the capabilities of next-gen systems and the games initial success playing a major role in the decision.

“Possibly, I think right now all our focus is on getting this version right for PS4 and supporting that. I think if anything, the new output and power that the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft will deliver as well as the potential success of the current version of the game will inevitably be the deciding factor in bringing an entirely exclusive next-gen version of Boundary to those platforms.”

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Speaking about next-gen systems, Mingbo Li admitted that both he Xbox Series X and PS5 are impressive compared to next-gen consoles, but his real interest is in memory bandwidth:

“The raw power of CPU, memory bandwidth and SSD are very impressive compared to the current gen consoles. If I have to pick one, memory bandwidth might be the one.”

He admitted that games are “always hungry” for the power needed to rendering in-depth textures and that he’d “love to see more physics gameplay from next-gen games.”

We have to admit that we’re looking forward to the same. And, while a next-gen port of Boundary isn’t exactly on the table right now, Mingbo Li said that the studio is “discussing” and has even tested PC and PS4 crossplay. He stopped short of saying whether or not the studio can or will make it happen, but it sounds promising nonetheless. As of now, there’s no set release date for Boundary, as the COVID019 outbreak has forced it inot a delayed state. We should hear more about it in the coming weeks and will be sure to update you as details roll in.

SourceWCCF Tech

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