Borderlands 3: Tips and Tricks for Better Gameplay

Borderland 3 has so mant new features that it takes a lot of time and effort to comprehend all of them. To help make things a little easier, here are a handful of tips and tricks to help smoothen out your initial days playing Borderlands 3.

Mail is Important!

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Before jumping into the game, let’s talk about the mail that you will receive after completing tasks. To access your inbox, you must enter the ESC menu then the “Social” tab to read, and most importantly claim your rewards: cosmetics and guns – lots of guns.

Some Quests are Worth Doing Later.

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Many people will say that is better to do things now than to leave them for tomorrow, well in Borderland 3 it is the opposite. If you’re up for a challenge, don’t complete your sidequests now, as you can return to them after you end the campaign. The sidequests won’t fall behind, as the difficulty will match your actual level.

Storage is the Key to Success

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It will be a shame to throw away valuable items from your inventory to obtain others. This problem was met by many players, usually, when things get going. You experience the rush and the excitement and then, suddenly, your inventory is full. Isn’t that annoying? Be sure to upgrade your inventory so you won’t have to come back to the vendor every 5 minutes. Also, be sure to upgrade the ammo storage because you can’t survive if you can’t kill anything. You can upgrade you ammo storage at “Marcus'” shop which can be found in Sanctuary.

Don’t Abuse the Ping System

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When we think at “pings” we should get the idea of organized players that use them to communicate and announce initiatives or to alert the other of danger, but instead, we’re thinking of people that spam it over and over again. Knowing that you can mark an enemy, making them visible for the whole team only by looking at him and pressing “X.” Looking at a gun will mark it blue and looking at a friend will mark him green. Pings are very important, but keep their number low or nobody will take the call seriously.

Stefan Mariut
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