Bobbleheads Are Officially Coming to No Man’s Sky

Remember when No Man’s Sky first launched? The loneliness and the silence was unnerving, but now we got a lot of company that inclues NPCs and even fellow players. Now we ask for a moment of silence but can’t get any with this growing community. The developers wanted to cheer you up, so now that Living Ships have made their presence, the perfect answer was bubbleheads. That’s right, these little fellows won’t disturb you with anything, except a massive load of cuteness

If you’re wondering how you could get some of these small ornaments, just head up to the quicksilver synthesis Companion. You can find this NPC in the Anomaly Space. At the moment, you can find Polo and Nada, cuter than ever.  If you ever felt the need to take them with you, to be by your side when you discover new regions, now they will be there, too bad they won’t be able to greet you, but who knows what the future will bring?

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If you want to keep the cockpit free, maybe the research mission’s rewards are more for your style. Completing Nada and Polo mission will reward you with the:

  • Umbrella Tree
  • Writhing Bush
  • Entwining Tree

You can use those items to improve the looks of your base. No Man’s Sky has received some crazy updates lately, but they’re a lot of fun, so let’s hope they keep it up!

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