Bloody Palace is the Best Thing to Happen to Devil May Cry 5 Yet

Of all the gameplay modes to have ever graced the Devil May Cry series, Bloody Palace has to be the most intense and it has finally been released for Devil May Cry 5. It’s available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 as a free update right now, and will pit you against swarms of enemies inside a 101-floor dungeon. Just like the original game mode that debuted in Devil May Cry 2, Bloody Palace is a very lengthy challenge that will test your skills beyond anything DMC5 has challenged you with thus far.

While it is available as a free download right now, you may not be able to play it right away. As you might expect, the game mode needs to be unlocked, and you’ll need to complete the game on Human or Devil Hunter mode if you want to indulge. Once the end credits have played upon completion of the game, Bloody Palace game mode will be easily accessible via the main menu. As was the case in previous games, the whole point of this game mode is to fight through long sets of increasingly tough enemies and bosses as you transcend each floor. As you move up the line, difficulty increases, and elite enemies will show their face more often. And, you may even find yourself battling bosses that you’ve never even encountered in the main storyline.

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To make things even more interesting, when you start Bloody Palace mode, all of the moves and skillsets of your characters will be taken into consideration. In other words, you’ll stand a better chance of surviving if Dante, Nero, and V have all of their best moves unlocked before you jump into the palace of hell. It’s not all gravy, though, as certain weapons and devil breakers aren’t allowed in this game mode. Nero’s DLC devil breakers are prohibited as is Dante’s Cavaliere-R. We know you’re bummed, but this is to help maintain balance and keep the game mode at least somewhat challenging. And, it’s ultimately worth it because, once you complete Bloody Palace, you’ll be awarded with a hefty sum of red orbs and you’ll get a new taught for whichever character you choose.

With that said, Bloody Place is about more than just conquering 101 floors of demonic hell. It’s also a good place to hone your character’s abilities while at the same time allowing you to experience gameplay without the restrictions set forth from the main missions.  

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