BioWare’s Anthem VIP Demo Weekend Didn’t Go Well, and There’s a Huge List of Fixes Coming for the Full Game

Anthem’s VIP demo kicked off last Friday and lasted through the weekend, but many found it too troublesome to even play. Some players couldn’t get in, and those that did, experienced all kinds of issues ranging from lack of overall performance to crashing. BioWare, naturally, sprung into action to address concerns for those on PCs but, at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be good enough, as there were also server capacity issues at hand. Fortunately, this was only a VIP demo, and there’s still a public demo on the way. That will give some players a better chance to get in and slaughter some grabbits, but don’t expect it to be a problem-free experience either.

Accord to Chad Robertson, BioWare’s Head of Live Service, Claims there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done after an “eventful” weekend. In a summary of the weekend, he said that severs were stabilized on Saturday afternoon and his team managed to maintain that stability through the rest of the VIP demo period. The servers turned off Sunday evening as the Live Service team walked away with a long list of fixes that need to be implemented before the open demo can even be released. The most important fixes include “entitlement bugs, infinite loads, and performance issues.”

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Be that as it may, there’s another long list of fixes that will be implemented by the time the full game is released, however, you probably shouldn’t count on them being patched when the open demo is released. There are more than a few thousand, so there are way too many to list here, however, a list of some of the most important include:

  • Weapons with 0% infusions
  • Weapons with bonus that applies to different Javelins
  • Plot integrity / party gather issues
  • Changes to Javelin unlock behavior
  • Fixes for losing XP at end of some expeditions
  • Performance Improvements
  • Additional stability fixes
  • A Social Hub: The Launch Bay

In the same weekend summary, Robertson went on to admit that there were nearly 9 million play hours over the weekend and that players, ultimately, put in a lot of work:

“Overall, we remain humbled by the response from players and appreciate the support from the community,” Robertson wrote. “It’s incredible to think we had nearly 9M hours of play across the 2.5 days the demo was open.  In that same time, over 1M strongholds were completed (go Freelancers!), and nearly 2M grabbits were slaughtered (seriously! – what is wrong with people? – they’re innocent grabbits!)”

As an online multiplayer RPG that’s being published by Electronic Arts, Anthem has a lot to live up to. And, after the demo, we can say it’s probably going to be pretty damn awesome. The full game will be released on February 22, 2019, and will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The open demo should be released soon, but it’s probably just best to wait for the full game to debut. Here’s to hoping that BioWare and Electronic Arts don’t push the date back over the thousands of bugs that were discovered last weekend.

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