Battlefield V Chatper 6: Into the Jungle Teased, Full Announcement Imminent

Battlefield’s first big update of the year (and decade) could be coming soon.

The next big update coming to Battlefield V, aka Chapter 6, is expected sometime in the next few months, and now DICE has started teasing exactly that.

In Twitter post, DICE has released a single image of a jungle setting with the watermark “Chapter 6: Into the Jungle” in the corner. There’s nothing more to go by at this point, outside of the included YouTube video link for the official trailer that’s scheduled to go live on January 28 at 9AM ET or 6AM PT. Right now, the thumbnail shows a woman with camo face paint, but when it goes live we’ll certainly learn more as DICE is promising the trailer will feature “gameplay and a Full feature breakdown.”

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As far as an official release date, we’re hoping to learn that tomorrow when the official trailer launches, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens. This is the first major update of the year, and it follows the Year 2 Edition that bulked together most of the first year’s content into one big patch. It included the following items along with the Pacific Theater Update and Wake Island Map (released in December.)

  • 17 new primary weapons
  • Four new vehicles
  • Two Epic soldier outfits
  • 10 weapon skins
  • Four vehicle skins

In the long term, you can probably expect a number of updates. DICE has gone on record saying that Battlefield 5 will be launched for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, so there’s a logical reason to believe that the studio will continue to support the game and update it regularly for the foreseeable future.

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