Battlefield 5’s Duos in Firestorm Is Gone…For Now

It’s probably not gone forever, though

Despite the fact that some people seem to love Duos in Battlefield 5’s Firestorm battle royale mode, DICE has determined that there is a lack of player interest and has decided to remove it, once again, from the game. It is said that Duos will return in the future, but it does happen, it’ll only be available for a limited time. In other words, when it comes back, it’ll be temporary as it was intended to be when it launched last month as part of a weekend-only ordeal. That weekend-only ordeal was extended because players voiced their opinions and wanted more. However, DICE says that more players are interested in squad play and, thus, will remove the game mode for the foreseeable future.

DICE has yet to work out when Duos will come back in a limited capacity, or in what form it will actually return. “Genuinely, it will return,” a DICE community manager said on Reddit. “Whether we do that on certain weekends every month, or for a week to celebrate each of the future Firestorm updates—you will see Duo again. To be very fair to folks though, and as transparent as possible, we’re not presently expecting it to return as a permanent addition.”

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With all of that said, fans of the mode aren’t exactly pleased, either. In fact, it seems like DICE can’t win for losing. Reddit user MoreDotsOkStopDots said, “Is this a joke? That’s the only reason I get on anymore, same with my buddy. All we play is Duo. This limited time stuff really needs to stop. The fact it arrived, then was removed, then came back and [is] now being removed again with no foreseeable return is just, I don’t even know anymore.”

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